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Okay, I know this one probably sounds a little weird, but trust me. It's good. Really good. Eye popping, wow, surprisingly good. Especially on a scorchingly hot summer day. Agua frescas are refreshing fruit drinks they sell all over Mexico, and that you can find in this country at almost any taqueria.They're cooling and sweet and are great alongside spicy food. This particular agua fresca is made with cucumbers, fresh limes, and mint...


My good friend and local caterer Arturo Vargas made this for us the other day, inspired by agua frescas he enjoyed while trying to keep cool in the steamy Yucatan peninsula. It's the cucumber juice base that seems to have the effect of lowering one's body temperature. (Gives new meaning to the phrase "cool as a cucumber".) In any case, this is a drink that I wouldn't have made but for my friend who knew I would like it. And now I want to drink it all summer long, and think you will too, once you've tried it.

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